Charles Dickens

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Charles Dickens is a great author but I personally don’t like him. The only story I liked was the Christmas Carol. All the others are just too boring. I found that in 1846 Dickens co-founded Urania Cottage, a home for the redemption of “fallen” women where accepted candidates could learn skills, often domestic, and re-integrate into society.


Shakespeare webquest

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1. 1598 in London’s Bank-side district

2. Shakespeare’s company Built it.

3. In the seats in the Gallery

4. Poor people, on the ground in front of the stage.

5 A. 1644

B. 1994

6 a. The theatre

b. The Rose and The curtain



Deaf Violinist

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Setting: Some Asian country, Probably china

Characterization: When they showed that girl yelling at the deaf chick and knocking the tray out of her hand, the director allowed us to see that she is a bully using indirect characterization

Conflict: Internal conflict was shown through the girls hesitation to play music because the fact that she was deaf. She Struggled with the fact that she was different from everyone else.

External conflict was shown with the girl picking on her and the guys smashing her violin and beating up her mentor.

Symbolism- The deaf man that she meets represents a guardian angel or the inspiration that you need to fulfill your dreams

Protagonist- The protagonist would be the deaf girl of course

Antagonist- The antagonist was definitely the piano player

Irony- The fact that the deaf girl is the better musician

Climax- The climax was when she got on stage and performed and wowed the crowed

Theme- No matter what other people say, you can do whatever you set your mind to.


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In ancient Chinese architecture roofs and driveways are built curved because ghosts  can only travel in straight lines. There are many places around the world that are considered to be haunted. I think people are fascinated ghosts because ghost are abnormal. They are hard to understand so it makes us think and wonder. I personally don’t believe in ghosts. I think once you are gone you are gone.


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I hate blogs, I hated last time and i will always hate it. Its dumb. Its pointless. And it makes me cry a little more everytime i do it.

Walt Whitman

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Walt Whitman

Assignment 7

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I thought that the bird was really cool. It reminded me of the mocking jay from the hunger games. This just goes to show that people moving into their habitat messes with their natural abilities. If he hadn’t remembered a chainsaw he could have remembered another birds call. I also thought that the bird was the ugliest thing i have ever seen. It looked like a retarded turkey. How that thing ever gets a woman i will never know.